We are Intelligent

Ad network and a direct advertiser

We can pay more than
most ad networks on the market


Native and other advertising formats are supported

These ads do not irritate your visitors and have high CTR

Standard widgets or custom design

You can choose a standard template or we can develop any custom widget on your demand

Additional types of monetization

We offer various Push- and Pops- ad formats that don’t require ad slots

Open RTB technology is supported

We provide to our partners and effective way to buy and sell ad inventory via our own SSP/DSP engine

Good quality ads and total control

We run ads that fully comply with local legislation and provide variable filters that helps to manage ad contents

Start to earn more today!


Our service provides to advertisers the optimal solution for media buying goals and offers high-quality traffic from around the world. We'll help you not to think about conversion of clicks into orders, not to rack your brains with analytics - our system will do it for you.

We use highly effective methods of advertising and work with native ads and push notifications. That's how we've been working more than 5 years!

Only targeted orders

  • Paying customers — 86% of the audience are 35 years and above
  • High conversion rate based on COD model
  • A minimum of spam in applications
Brings ads and content together: with the help of our consolidation and predictive analytics algorithms we succeed in showing the ads only to warmed-up prospects.
Earn more

How does this work?

  1. We drive traffic to your site using articles aimed at a broad audience.
  2. We show native ads which are most likely to attract viewer’s attention based on the data collected by our algorithms or third-party DRM systems.
  3. Successfully convert the overall untargeted traffic flow into targeted.
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  • High metrics — CTR of over 1.2% of native adverts provides a stable and substantial increase in customers.
  • A vast quality reach: over 600 000 000 of unique impressions worldwide.
  • We announce advertising on top sites around the world through partner networks and our own sites. This is how we increase loyalty and sales.

Our partners

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Ask your questions, reach us with your ideas and feedback. We’ll help you, work on your cases together and make assessments.