We are Intelligent

Our service is aimed at direct advertisers and offers an opportunity to only pay for desired actions. We’ll help you stop thinking about click conversion and analytics — our system does this for you.

We only use effective advertising methods, that is why we work with two types of ads — native advertising and push notifications. We have been working this way for five years now.

Only targeted orders

  • Paying customers — 86% of the audience are 35 years and above
  • High conversion rate based on COD model
  • A minimum of spam in applications
Brings ads and content together: with the help of our consolidation and predictive analytics algorithms we succeed in showing the ads only to warmed-up prospects.

How does this work?

  1. We drive traffic to your site using articles aimed at a broad audience.
  2. We show native ads which are most likely to attract viewer’s attention based on the data collected by our algorithms or third-party DRM systems.
  3. Successfully convert the overall untargeted traffic flow into targeted.
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  • High metrics — CTR of over 1.2% of native adverts provides a stable and substantial increase in customers.
  • A vast quality reach: over 600 000 000 of unique impressions over Russia and CIS monthly.
  • We provide advertisements on our partners’ and our own top-rated online properties in Russia and CIS. This way we achieve an increase in loyalty and sales.

Our partners

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Ask your questions, reach us with your ideas and feedback. We’ll help you, work on your cases together and make assessments.